You can now delete one Week Old Messages from WhatsApp

The most used messaging app in the world is WhatsApp, owned by Facebook. The recent update of the app came up with a very useful and surprising feature which lets the users delete sent messages within 7 minutes. This feature gave lots of people a big smile on their face as mostly mistakes happen like writing a harsh word in an argument or sending a message in a wrong window and typing errors etc. The update lets you delete your sent message and send them again within 7 minutes of time.

But if your 7 minutes have passed and you’ve not deleted your WhatsApp messages, there is no need to worry as a smart trick you can remove sent messages from the other end having the maximum time limit of 7 days.

Here are some easy steps that you need to follow:

  1. The first step is to Turn of the Mobile Data and Wi-Fi
  2. Then Go to the Settings open Apps and then Tap on WhatsApp and Force Stop
  3. Go to the Time and Date settings
  4. Then Set the Time and Date for the messages you wish to delete (make sure the time and date matches with messages you want to delete.
  5. The Network Provided time option must be turned on
  6. Then go back to WhatsApp open and delete the message by selecting Delete for everyone
  7. Turn on your Wi-Fi or Mobile date
  8. The messages you sent on WhatsApp before will be deleted.