Custom Prompts for ChatGPt

Youtube Transcript AI Summary can make use of custom prompts when sending requests from ChatGPT interface. It embeds prompts to the content to summarize content as you want. There are 3 types of prompts for two methods. Start Prompt: This prepares ChatGOT to get ready to receive further prompts as we guide it as we […]

Posted on: 04/05/2023

Automate ChatGPT with YouTube Transcript AI Summary Extension

You can automate the ChatGPT interface with YouTube Transcript AI Summary to generate high-quality summaries and run prompts on content in real-time. Just follow these straightforward steps:

Posted on: 03/21/2023

Generate long summaries for Youtube Video

How to Generate a Professional Long Summary using YouTube Transcript AI Summary: YouTube Transcript AI Summary offers two types of summaries: short and long. Short summaries provide a brief overview of the video content, while long summaries offer a detailed breakdown of the video. This allows you to quickly decide whether you want to watch […]

Posted on: 03/17/2023