Generate long summaries for Youtube Video

Posted on: 03/17/2023

How to Generate a Professional Long Summary using YouTube Transcript AI Summary:

YouTube Transcript AI Summary offers two types of summaries: short and long. Short summaries provide a brief overview of the video content, while long summaries offer a detailed breakdown of the video. This allows you to quickly decide whether you want to watch the video.

YouTube Transcript AI Summary uses OpenAI API to generate Summaries and can automate ChatGPT interface which gives you more ways to get summaries or run prompts to get more of your content like “list main points from this video” “summarize section 4 of this video“.

To generate a long summary, follow these simple steps:

1- Navigate to the YouTube video page and ensure the “Long” button is selected.

2- Alternatively, you can enable this feature from the options page by ensuring that “Short Summary” is set to “No.”

By following these steps, you will receive a comprehensive and professional summary of the video content.

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