Free Text Editor

Free Text Editor is a tool for editing plain text documents. It is ideal for modifying the source code and configuration files. New codes can be inserted, existing ones changed and stored for later usage. It has a number of features which can be put to use by anyone who has downloaded this tool. Being a standalone app, it does not require any additional requirements. All that users need is a system that runs on Windows OS and the installation can be accomplished. It is absolutely free of cost and does not come in a trial version. Once downloaded, it can be used for as long as there is a requirement. The Free Text Editor is clean without any malware or adware. Therefore, users can be sure that no harm will be done to the speed and performance of the system being used. The size of the files does not matter. Even large ones can be accessed and modified without any glitches. It has a user friendly interface that is ideal for novice users. Professionals can use the complex scripts available and the several libraries. They can view several files in one go by opening them in different tabs. Comparison of source codes is made simpler using this feature. The modified documents are saved and a backup is created automatically. The codes can also be copied onto clipboard and used in other platforms. The Free Text Editor supports syntax highlighting. With unlimited undo and redo options, they can create codes without any mistakes. The background color can also be customized as per the users’ requirements. Since these are text files, the font size and style are also editable. It is a highly functional tool which even has a ‘search and replace’ option in place. It is a must have for developers.