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Free Text to Speech
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    Free Text to Speech
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    2015-09-23 03:05:24
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The Text to Speech software program is a simple and easy-to use program which allows the users to convert text to speech. This free software also allows users to hear text on the computer. The Free Text to Speech has a simple user interface which includes only a few buttons that display the major features of the program. Users can easily open the text document with the use of drag and drop method or the file browser. It can also support various other file types such as HTML, DOCX, DOC, TXT and many more. It is quite easy to operate this free text to speech reader tool. Users need to highlight the desired text and then click Control-C. The highlighted text is spoken aloud on the computer. The Free Text to Speech software application can be used on Microsoft Word, Web Browsers and various other programs that contain text. This free program reads the text with the use of a default voice. However, the users are also allowed to download voices from the internet. The program also allows the users to adjust the volume and rate of the voice. The Free Text to Speech program performs various other functions such as conversion of text files into OGG and MP3 file formats. The program also includes an in-built help file which is quite useful even though it has brief instructions. The Free Text to Speech software also showcases various other features. Users can skip paragraphs during the speech process; insert audio clips and many more. This free program also allows the users to switch to different languages while viewing the software interface. It is also possible to alter the skin, color and font of the interface while using this free software program. It also enables the users to extract text from files and use translation tools.