Free Text Reader

There are many users who can benefit from the Free Text Reader. It is a tool which reads out documents, web pages, files, etc, and the same can be customized according to individual requirements. This ‘text to speech’ app can be optimized with a number of variations available for users. It is a light weight tool that is highly functional. The plain interface and abundance of features makes it a very popular product from amongst its ilk. A simple design and practical layout will let any users make the most of this useful tool. It is absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded onto any system that runs on Windows OS, notwithstanding the version. During the installation, there is no malware or adware that affects the process. Users can be sure about the security of their devices. Once it is initiated, users need to copy the text that has to be read aloud in the relevant space and start using the freeware. The speed, pitch and volume are some of the parameters which can be controlled in the Free Text Reader. From a document of a big size, a small portion can be selected and the same read aloud. The voice is not computerized and actually resembles that of a human’s. At any point in time, the application can be stopped, paused or a new file opened to be read. It is a highly practical solution for publishing houses and authors who wish to proof read their documents. This tool saves a lot of time as users can spend their time doing other jobs whilst listening to their documents. All those who have to be constantly on the move can also benefit from the Free Text Reader when they are driving. It can also be used to enjoy eBooks.