Free Script Editor

The Free Script Editor is a very useful tool, especially for web developers and administrators. It allows them to open text files and edit them, as per the requirements. The languages that are supported by this app include HTML, PHP, CSS, Java, Shell and many others. The fact that is a very simple tool that can be comprehended even by first time users makes it an obvious choice from a number of similar apps. Working with scripts and the relevant files can be daunting task if users are not able to access them. Since most of these text files are of an unlimited size, it is important to use a reliable tool. The Free Script Editor is free of cost. Once it is downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS, it can be used for as long as there is a need. There is no intermittence in opening such files and users can start with their syntax highlighting immediately. This can be done based on the language and the file extension of the document. Other than this, they can also format and validate the files in very less time. The user interface of the tool is quite straight forward. All the functions are available in the main menu itself. The object library ensures that users need not put much effort in order to get their jobs completed. The Free Script Editor allows users to browse through the directories, add bookmarks to the files and preview the changes. The response time of the freeware is impressive. Users can even use the search option for easy navigation. They even have unlimited undo and redo options and can highlight email addresses. This light weight tool is free from any malware and adware. It does not eat up the disk space either.