Free Sd Formatter

In order for an SD card to function in its optimal level, it needs to be formatted at regular intervals. Apart from deleting the files, users will also have to resize the files in order to manage the available space effectively. The Free SD Formatter is one such app which achieves all this and much more. Apart from SD, it also supports SDHC and SDXC memory cards. There are a number of options available for users and all these can be used with just a few clicks. With regards to the installation, it is absolutely free of cost. Anyone with a device that runs on Windows OS can download and use it without any hassles. The fact that there is no malware during this process is yet another advantage. There are no trail versions of the software. Once it is downloaded, it is available in its fully functional mode. After this is accomplished, the SD card can be mounted onto the device immediately. With the Free SD Formatter, there are many things which one can achieve. Users can format it and add new files. They can view the existing files, their size and if the same can be reduced. They can even edit the volume label and change the format. There is an option to review any changes before starting the process. This ensures that the right options are chosen and any important files are not lost in the bargain. The user interface is simple and all the functions are available in the main menu itself. The file size of the Free SD Formatter is small and hence, it does not compromise the speed and performance of the device. The response time is quite impressive and the tool has received positive reviews from users across the world.