Free Sitemap Generator

Free Sitemap Generator is a free Windows PC-based software that generates both HTML and XML site maps, making it easy for website owners to ensure that their site is fully indexed by search engines. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can use the software to generate sitemaps quickly and efficiently.

One of the most useful features of Free Sitemap Generator is the ability to generate a robots.txt file. This file tells search engine crawlers which pages on your website should be indexed and which should be excluded, ensuring that your site is crawled efficiently.

In addition, the software provides multiple crawler options, including server response timeout, delay between pages, and maximum URL length. This allows you to fine-tune the crawl settings to match your website's performance and structure.

For search engine crawlers, Free Sitemap Generator offers the ability to change the frequency and priority attributes for individual pages. This ensures that Google crawls and indexes the most important pages on your site more frequently.

For more advanced users, the software includes settings for pausing the crawler and stopping after a certain number of pages have been crawled. Additionally, the software can follow patterns and use wildcards in URLs, allowing you to exclude certain pages from your sitemap.

Finally, Free Sitemap Generator includes settings for max parallel connections and exclusion of some file folder patterns using wildcards. This helps to ensure that the software runs efficiently and only crawls the pages you want included in your sitemap.

Overall, Free Sitemap Generator is a powerful, yet user-friendly software that can help you to generate accurate and efficient sitemaps for your website. Best of all, like all software found on media freeware it's completely free to use.