Free Vimeo Downloader

The powerful application to download videos from vimeo at highest quality with the fastest speed.

Free Vimeo Downloader in another video downloader desktop application brought to you by Media Freeware. It is a downloader for all videos from the Vimeo website. As everyone knows Vimeo is a sharing website on which all people can register and upload videos, share their contents and view others’ videos. It saves downloaded video on your computer so you don’t need to go online every time you want to watch your favorite videos. Just install this great tool and let it download all your videos to hard disk. Its simplicity makes it a great choice for all those who are not professionals. Just select the URL and copy that; but wait, no need to paste the link on the app screen because it will automatically do it for you. This is an automatic function and it will paste all your links no matter it is minimized or it is not the active window. You can import as many links as you want but download some of them if you like because there is a check box next to each imported link which allows you to select your desired videos to be downloaded. Each link has a progress bar which is very useful because it shows you the progress of downloads. Also, the video size will be shown and this helps avoid large videos if you have internet speed problem. A very useful feature about the app is “Add Bulk Urls” and it allows you to import a list of links to videos. When you use this feature, it will process all valid links when you import them and only imports valid links. Some key features of Free Vimeo Downloader are:

  • Vimeo videos download to hard disk
  • Multiple and simultaneous downloads
  • Automatic paste link function to make it easy to add links
  • Simple and easy to use user interface
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows