Free Video to Gif Maker

Free Video to GIF Maker is a great app from Media Freeware which converts your favorite movies scenes to animated GIF image format. Extracting scenes from a video file needs video editing applications with a good knowledge of using them because it needs video conversion but when you have free Video to GIF Maker then you don’t need any video editing application and no professional software. This is great for most users specially those who are not professionals. It does all actions which are needed to extract a scene from a video file with a difference that is it converts extracted file to animated GIF image format instead of other video formats. This is very good because video conversion needs a lot of time. By using this app you don’t lose time anymore; fast conversion is here. The converted file is a GIF image and it can be viewed by all image viewer apps including Microsoft Windows built-in image viewer. Start and end points can be set to desired position. Also, you can set the output file’s quality to small or high for different purposes. The Frame rate can also be changed for playback speed changing. This way you can see the converted image at a faster or slower speed than the original scene. After processing all frames by the app, you can view each frame and remove it if you don’t want some frames in created image. Key features of Free Video to GIF maker are:

  • Extract scenes from video files and convert to GIF image format
  • Set start and end point for the extracted scene
  • Frames can be removed from the image
  • Output quality can be changed to low and high for different situations
  • Compatible with all version of Microsoft Windows
Free Video to Gif Maker