Free Ttf to Eot Converter

TTF and EOT are two different fonts which are used for formatting files. The former stands for TrueType Font and the latter is an acronym for Embedded Open Type. If there is a requirement to convert between these two, the Free TTF to EOT Converter is an ideal choice. The other significant reason for the aforementioned conversion process is the disk space. EOT font takes up less than half the space than that of TTF and hence, users prefer it more. It is a standalone app that does not require any additional requirements. Just by having a laptop or PC that runs on Windows OS, the installation process can be completed. It is free of cost and this is yet another benefit. Being a light weight tool, it does not affect the speed and performance of the system either. Since these are fonts which are generally not available on most systems, the fact that there is no need to download them is quite an interesting feature. The Free TTF to EOT Converter is simple in design and can be used by anyone. Even those who are not acquainted with such software will not come across any glitches. The original TTF features are preserved during and after the conversion and users will not come across any differences. Once it is initiated, all that the users need to do is to upload the TTF files onto the software and convert them to EOT. Apart from the default settings, they can choose the advanced options as well. The size of the file, the output folder and many other parameters can be customized as per their requirements. The Free TTF to EOT Converter allows users to save the converted files in any destination folder and the same can be opened from the interface itself.