Free Ttf to Woff Converter

TTF stands for TrueType Font and WOFF for Web Open Format. Both are font formats which have some distinctive features. The former is a flagship of Apple and is predominantly used on Windows and Mac platforms. The latter is used in web pages and is a compressed type. It takes up lesser disk space and is more compatible when compared to TTF. Therefore, the Free TTF to WOFF Converter can prove to be quite handy for web developers and other professionals. It is a tool that is absolutely free of cost. Since it can be downloaded onto any PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS, it can be considered as a very flexible tool. It does not take up much disk space and relies on low or moderate resources. Therefore, users can be sure that the speed and performance of the device remains intact even after its installation. The original characteristics of the TTF font are preserved at all times. There is no loss in the quality though WOFF is a compressed format. Equipped with a straight forward interface and simple layout, the Free TTF to WOFF Converter meets all the checks. The absence of any complex settings makes it ideal for the novice users. For all the professionals, there are a number of advanced options to choose from. Zooming in and out the documents, rotating them and resizing are some of the customized settings. With the help of the preview window, these changes can be made. Once the files are converted, they can be saved in a folder of the users’ choice. The same can be opened from the interface itself once the conversion is complete. The Free TTF to WOFF Converter even has a progress bar for the convenience of the user.