Free Stocks Ticker

In order to get the best returns from the stock market, it is imperative to get up to date information about the prices of various stocks on a platform that is used the most. The Free Stocks Ticker is one such tool which lets users have access to RSS feeds on their portable devices. It is indeed a very useful tool that works as a scroll and has a number of interesting features which make it quite popular. The first one is that it is free of cost. It can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS. There is no need to install any additional apps as it is a standalone tool. The second feature is its user interface. It is straightforward and contains all the functions in a clear manner. There are no complex settings and any functions can be put to use with just a few clicks. The Free Stocks Ticker allows users to access information of any stocks which are being traded in the market. The price rise and fall are distinguished by different colors. Green means there is a rise and orange indicates a fall. The opacity of the scroll can also be customized. This is especially useful when users have other programs running in the background whilst checking the RSS feeds at the same time. The name and symbol of the stock are also displayed at all times for the users’ convenience. They can even control the speed of the scroll to suit their requirements. The Free Stocks Ticker allows users to change the RSS feeds with a few clicks. The size, font, style and display are also available to be modified. It is a very easy to mange tool that even a novice can comprehend. It is highly recommended to be downloaded.