Free Stp Viewer

CAD or computer aided design is used by a number of fields such as engineering, software development, entertainment, etc. The images are in 2D or 3D space and are considered vital for creating, editing and sharing such designs with others. In order to allow users to view them, the Free STP Viewer is an ideal choice. It is software that supports files with the .stp extension and is very effective. As the name suggests, it is absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded within no time. The file size of the app is very small and it does not eat up the disk space either. Any laptop or PC that runs on Windows OS can be used for the installation. The absence of any malware or adware makes it an apt choice for all those who deal with such files on a daily basis. The quality of the designs is kept intact at all times and it helps users understand them better. It can be used by novices and professionals alike. In case of any glitches, the Free STP Viewer has a ‘help’ file which proves to be quite handy. The user interface of the tool is quite straight forward. Once it is installed, users can import and view their files without any intermittence. Apart from viewing, them they can even make basic editing functions. Changing the colours of the various components of the drawing, using the zoom in and zoom out options, rotating the image, etc, are some of the various options available. With the help of the ‘tree view’, the design can be examined in detail so that nothing is amiss. The Free STP Viewer is a complete tool that is convenient and effective. There are no instances of the system crashing or slowing down.