Free Notepad

Having the latest version of Notepad is now made possible with the Free Notepad software. There are many attractive and useful features of the same which make it one of the best programs to be used on Windows. Notepad++ is a very useful tool that everyone uses in order to write texts of various formats. The free software even allows the user to carry out programming tasks apart from writing texts. It supports a number of formats and some of these include C, Java, Pascal, NFO and HTML. The tabs which are available with the Free Notepad are also quite interesting. Users can open several files at one go. The font size can also be modified as per individual requirements and users can even use colour coding to identify specific texts or programs. The same can be printed with the colours for all those users who have a colour printer. It is a lightweight tool that has many uses. It is popularly known as a text editing tool and that is the best way to describe the Free Notepad. The innumerable features and ease with which the same can be put to use make this quite a handy download. The installation process is also uncomplicated and can be done by novices as well. The 'drag and drop' function, which is one of the most popular features, is also supported by this Free Notepad. The other functions include 'Zoom in' and Zoom out' and bookmarking a particular page of the file. Users can also highlight a particular part of the text or programming language so as to use it in the future. The Notepad also enables folding of text, which is another advantage of this free software. There are many uses of the Free Notepad and hence, it is a worthwhile download.