Free Pamphlet Maker

In order to market any products and services better, many business owners resort to creating and distributing pamphlets. Depending on the type of business and customer base, the same has to be done. They can even be used to advertise any events. In order to come up with professional looking brochures, users should consider the Free Pamphlet Maker. It is software that is easy to use and has a number of templates to choose from. Equipped with a clean interface and a host of features, this is one of the better known products from amongst its ilk. It is completely free of cost. There are no hidden charges or sign ups required. Once it is downloaded onto a device that runs on Windows OS, it can be used for as long as there is a requirement. All the functions are laid out in a clean manner on the user interface. There are no complex settings and anyone can make the most of the functions available in the Free Pamphlet Maker. It is a small sized file that does not eat up the disk space. There are no viruses that might affect the security of the device during and after the installation. Once it is initiated, users first need to select the template from the library. They can then choose the layout between ‘landscape’ and ‘portrait’. The next step would be to add the text. There are a number of parameters such as font, size, color, background, etc, which can be customized at this stage. Following this, users need to add images to their pamphlets. This can be from the library or personal ones which are stored on their devices. The Free Pamphlet Maker supports image formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, etc. Therefore, it is a flexible tool.