Free Kindle Reader

A Kindle reader is a tool that allows users to read eBooks on their Kindle devices. It has been developed and is owned by Amazon and contains innumerable books to choose from. Be it newspapers, magazines and many others, this has become very popular amongst users when compared to other readers. However, for all those users who wish to access the same without having the relevant devices, the Free Kindle Reader is the right choice. It is an app that allows users to browse through their favorite books and read them on platforms of their choice. The software is absolutely free of cost and does not involve any hidden charges or signing up for updates. It is a clean app that can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS. Being a light weight tool, it takes just a few minutes to be downloaded and does not eat up the disk space either. The fact that the original layout and quality are preserved and there is no difference whatsoever in these parameters is yet another advantage. The Free Kindle Reader is a standalone app and users do not need to install any additional apps in order to read their favorite books. Once it is initiated, users can add them to the library and browse through the content. The tool allows them to add bookmarks and therefore, they can go to their desired pages or chapters within no time. It even enables users to opt for the full screen mode. Be it zooming in and zooming out the pages, going up and down and adding notes, all these can be achieved with just a few clicks. The color of images, if any and the background can also be customized. The Free Kindle Reader is a must have for all avid readers.