Free Hearts

Hearts is one of the most popular card online games amongst many players around the world. In order to enjoy it at all times on portable devices, users should consider downloading the Free Hearts. It is software that is easy to understand and has a number of variations which makes the game even more interesting. Since it involves tricks, these features give it the required edge to make it enjoyable. This tool is 100% free of cost. There are no hidden charges or trial versions of the app. It can be downloaded onto any PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS. The straight forward interface which welcomes the users is yet another advantage. It is a safe app as there is an absence of malware or adware. There is no harm done to the speed and performance of the device. Free Hearts is a small sized file. It works with low to moderate amount of system resources. The response time is also commendable. Once it is installed, users can start playing the game immediately. The aim is to have the least amount of points at the end of the game. This can be done by tricking other players and pass the heart cards. Users also need to avoid the Queen of spades. There is a score board on the interface which lets players keep a tab on the same. Each player can customise their cartoons and animations. There are a number of options when it comes to the graphics as well. The Free Hearts has quite a few difficulty levels so as to suit different players. Starting from basic, the difficulty moves up to the advanced levels. The deck style and background colour can also be customised. There is a file which contains instructions on how to proceed with the game.