Free Holy Bible King James Version

All those Christians who want the Old and New Testaments in one place can opt for the Free Holy Bible King James Version. It is software that can be downloaded onto a PC or laptop and then transferred to a number of other platforms for free. Being comprehensive in nature, it is one of the most popular renditions of the Bible that can be read by anyone and anywhere. This handy app comes with a host of benefits suited for users across the world. The straight forward interface makes it very convenient for them to navigate through the functions without any glitches. It can be downloaded for free and used for as long as there is a requirement. The absence of any malware or adware ensures that the speed and performance of the device are not affected in any way. The Free Holy Bible King James Version allows users to choose specific chapters from the whole list with the help of the ‘search’ option. All that they need to do is to type the keyword and they will be directed to the relevant pages within no time. The fact that a number of tabs can be opened simultaneously in order to refer to separate portions of the Book is yet another advantage. Users can bookmark pages and add notes wherever the need be. The same can be shared with family and friends. Since there are a number of topics available for them, they can view all of them and then click on the one that is required. The Free Holy Bible King James Version is a small sized tool which does not eat up the disk space either. It can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS and is highly recommended.