Free Gif Viewer

The free GIF viewer is a simple and reliable software application that can be used to view the GIF images easily. It is quite easy to open the GIF images quickly and easily with the use of this tool. The GIF viewer is a versatile and handy tool which is quite simple to use. This free software program has a simple user interface and easy installation procedures. The program has various other additional features. It can easily convert image files into various other formats such as JPG, PNG and TIF. The free GIF viewer also allows the users to upload an image on the internet and share it. This free software program includes a "Paint" option which can edit the animation. The program functions smoothly and it is designed to handle animations quite easily. The GIF viewer can be loaded on other computers as well without the need to slow down the operation of the system. The program has a clean software interface which opens the files quickly and displays the animation cleanly. The program allows the users to navigate through the pictures easily with the use of arrow keys. It also creates thumbnails easily without losing the quality of the pictures. This software application tool is quite remarkable as it converts the images quickly and smoothly. The users can utilize this free software program with a few simple steps. The GIF file can be opened by right clicking on the file. The users need to select the option "Properties" and then click "Change". A new window pops up and the users need to choose the "Select" button. This free GIF viewer software tool is a simple and clean software tool with easy-to-use features. It is a light tool that can be operated easily and quickly.