Free Desktop Alarm Clock

Having a desktop alarm clock can prove to be very helpful for all those who have to take care of multiple tasks in one day. Being able to manage work at home and then meet all the deadlines at office requires time management. The Free Desktop Alarm Clock is one such tool which lets users create multiple alarms for different purposes. It is absolutely free of cost and is known for its ease of use. It can be installed on any PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS, and there is no need for any additional specifications. Everyone who has basic computer knowledge can make the most of this app. The user friendly interface of the software is ideal for novice as well as professional users. Setting alarms can be done with just a few clicks. If users require the alarm to go off at the same time every day, the same can also be established. The Free Desktop Alarm Clock is a small sized tool that does not require much disk space. It is clean and there is no malware or adware that might harm the security of the device. Important meetings, grocery shopping, getting a presentation ready, etc, are some of the many tasks which can be included in the list. Users can add, change and remove any alarms without any hassles. The snooze time can also be customised for each of them. The fact that any device that is in the sleep mode will automatically wake up at that particular time is quite impressive. Users can also choose the tone of the alarm depending on their requirements. The Free Desktop Alarm Clock is highly intuitive and full of features. It is simple in design and works with low to moderate amount of system resources.