Free Desktop Clock

Make your clock more interesting with the Free Desktop Clock. It is software that allows users to choose own personalised Windows clock for free. There are many features and skins available in the same and all this makes the tool quite useful. The clock can be resized and redesigned to fit individual desktops and depending on the users' requirements, can be customised appropriately. For all those who need to keep a tract of different time zones, the software makes this possible without any issues. The users can also avail the atomic clock server, which is yet another enhancement to the existing desktop clocks. Along with the time, this Free Desktop Clock displays the day and date as well. Users can even install seconds in their desktop clocks. Those who wish to have a 12 hour format can make the necessary changes with just a few clicks and make the most of this free software. It is simple and has a user interface that can be used in office and home computers without any glitches. The Free Desktop Clock even enables users to set up alarms so as to keep a tract of any important meetings, deadlines, etc. The download and installation of this software is very easy and even an amateur can do it without any problems. Users can start using the clock once the set up is complete and can make the most of the skins which are available. Though there is nothing that is radical in this clock, the fact that there are various features which makes it interesting is what makes this software worthwhile. The Free Desktop Clock a small sized tool that does not take up much disk space and is an ideal replacement to the existing clock. It is completely safe and secure.