Free Auto Shutdown

There are a number of reasons for using the Free Auto Shutdown software. It saves on the power bill. There are many systems which require being shutdown at regular intervals and this improves their longevity. Another reason is that users do not have sit in front of them for hours together when they are downloading any large files. This tool is very simple to use and does not have any complex settings. Therefore, it is ideal for personal as well as professional purposes. Apart from shutting down the system, users can even opt for it to hibernate, restart, log off and lock it after a certain time period. Therefore, it is a complete tool that is very handy. The Free Auto Shutdown is absolutely free of cost. There are no hidden charges and users do not have to register in order to use the features. It is a light weight tool that does not eat up the disk space either. Being free from any viruses, it is safe for the security of the device. There are various options when it comes to scheduled events. Users can time their shut downs once a week, every day of the week or at a particular time. It is not limited to one and they can schedule as many events as possible, simultaneously. When the computer has been left idle for a specified time, it can be auto shutdown in order to save power. The Free Auto Shutdown is flexible and can be used on any PC or device that runs on Windows OS. The user interface is straight forward and all that needs to be done is to schedule the events for specific actions. It is a very functional tool that is available in a number of languages other than English.