Free Zip File Opener

Since zipped files are compressed and contain a number of sub folders in them, it becomes imperative to have a powerful tool in order to extract the content from them. One such app is the Free Zip File Opener. Apart from opening them, users can also create such files within no time and hence, it is a very handy tool which can be put to use by anyone. It is absolutely free of cost. There are no hidden charges or trial versions of the software. It can be downloaded by anyone who has such a requirement. Being simple in design, there are no complex settings and even novice users can comprehend the software in the first instance. There are a number of features which add up to the whole package. It is a standalone app which does not require any additional specifications. The absence of any adware or Trojan makes it completely safe for the security of the device. This Free Zip File Opener is very flexible. It can be downloaded and installed onto any device that runs on Windows OS. It supports a number of file types such as PDF, ZIP, RAR, etc. There is no need for any other tool and users can rely on this for all their extraction purposes. Once the freeware is initiated, the archive needs to be uploaded onto the interface. If all the files and folders do not need to be extracted, users can select those that are necessary and proceed further. By default, they are saved in the same folder as the source. However, users can opt for a different destination and a password as well. The Free Zip File Opener even allows users to merge archives and divide them into parts. It is indeed a very comprehensive tool that is highly recommended.