Free Windows Password Recovery

There are many instances in which users forget their Windows passwords and lose out on valuable time. It is an especially trying situation to be in when there are deadlines to be met or important meetings to be attended. In order to come out of the same within no time, the Free Windows Password Recovery is an ideal solution. As the name indicates, it is a tool that helps on the recovery of lost or forgotten passwords and is known for its speed. The fact that it is absolutely free of cost is just one of the many attractive features of the software. It can be downloaded by anyone with a PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS, notwithstanding the version. It is very powerful and intuitive. Though it is a light weight tool, it can be very effective in its work. The user interface is straight forward and anyone can handle the tool without any issues. All the functions are available in the main menu itself and this saves a lot of effort on the part of the user. The Free Windows Password Recovery is safe and does not contain any harmful viruses. The recovery techniques used by the tool are very advanced and they work all the time. The most common of them are the Artificial Intelligence attack and the Dictionary attack. Users can choose one of them according to their convenience. It can be used on home as well as office computers and does not require any additional specifications. This standalone tool supports multithreads as well and is a very handy tool. Professionals as well as novice users can make the most of this tool with equal efficiency. The Free Windows Password Recovery is a must have for everyone as it is meets all the checks.