Free Website Copier

The absence of any internet connectivity can prove to be very daunting when users need important information from certain websites. In order to meet all such requirements, they can rely on the Free Website Copier. As the name suggests, it allows them to copy any World Wide Web (www) site and store it in the computer’s directory so that the same can be viewed offline. This handy tool is absolutely free of cost. Therefore, anyone can download it and make the most of all the features. Apart from the written content, the software also supports images and live links. The fact that the website can be used similar to a live one is a great advantage. This is an easy to use tool that makes it ideal for professional as well as novice users. It is a standalone app and does not require any additional specifications. The Free Website Copier can be installed onto any device that runs on Windows OS, notwithstanding the version. It is clean and does not contain any malware or adware either. Once the installation done, users can copy the websites which they need to refer to on a regular basis. The response time of the app is impressive and there is no snag time. If there are any downloads which have been stopped midway due to connectivity issues, the same can be resumed once the problem has been solved. Another feather in the cap is that the website gets updated with any changes whenever the system is connected to internet. This happens automatically and users do not have to put up any effort for the same. The Free Website Copier has a ‘help’ file should users come across any hassles. It is a very convenient tool that everyone should consider downloading.