Free Registry Editor

The Free Registry Editor is software that helps user to access the edited registry keys so as to keep the device up to date. There are several programs, files and hardware that form a part of any laptop or PC. This tool allows users to view them and the settings so that they can manage the performance of the device in a better way. Cleaning the registry in order to remove any harmful viruses, Trojan, etc, is extremely important and with the help of this tool, the same can be achieved within no time. It is free of cost and can be downloaded by anyone who has a system that runs on Windows OS. Anyone who has basic registry knowledge can comprehend it in the first instance. There are no complex settings in the Free Registry Editor and it is equipped with a user friendly interface. The response time of the app is also impressive and there is no intermittence of any kind. Apart from editing the existing keys, users can also add new ones. They can remove invalid keys as well. It is a comprehensive tool that lets users search for specific keys with the help of keywords so as to make editing them easier. Adding bookmarks or setting favourites is also enabled in this app. Users can even create shortcuts with just a few clicks. This small sized app can be downloaded within no time. It is safe from any malware or adware. The Free Registry Editor supports the ‘drag and drop’ feature and this saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the user. This is a reliable tool that does its work effectively. It is highly recommended to create a backup registry before making any changes so that important information is not lost.