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    Free Rar Extractor
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    2015-02-27 15:51:11
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The free RAR extractor is a program which is created to extract files from various other file formats such as ZIP, TAR and so forth with ease and convenience. It facilitates the users to extract the RAR files easily and quickly. It also helps to save ample amount of time. This free software program supports a variety of file formats. The software interface of this extractor tool is quite easy to use as it includes a clean and clear interface. This free software tool supports drag and drop feature. Users can also browse the directories on the disk with the use of this unique software extractor tool. The free RAR extractor tool allows the users to select the files and the output directory. Users can easily store the chosen files in the output directory. This free software tool can support various types of file formats such as RAR, ZIP, TAR, ISO, CAB and so forth. The users can extract the files in the program with the correct password. The free RAR extractor tool has an overall simplicity which enables users to utilize its features without any complications. It is a light tool which is quite versatile and easy to use. The program also allows the users to resize the images. The extraction process is quite simple. Users can easily choose the RAR files and then the destination folder. The program will then extract the files to the specified folder as selected by the users. The output folder is displayed once the extraction process is completed. The free RAR extractor is quite easy to use and install. The simple user interface allows even beginners to use the software with ease and simplicity. The free RAR extractor software saves ample amount of time as it extracts the files easily and quickly.