Free Pptx Viewer

The basic difference between PPT and PPTX files is that the first ones are the extensions for files in 2003 and earlier versions and the second are 2007 and beyond. In order to view the latter, the Free PPTX Viewer is an ideal choice. It is a very simple to use app that can be downloaded for free. There are no hidden charges or trial versions of the software and hence, it is considered to be one of the better known products. It can be used as many times as there is a requirement. The file size of the app is very small and hence, it does not require much disk space. This also ensures that the installation is very quick. Since there is an absence of adware and viruses, this further adds to the security of the system. Any laptop or desktop that runs on Windows OS can be used for the same. There are a number of advantages of the Free PPTX Viewer. The user interface of the app is straight forward. There are no complex settings and everything is available in the main menu itself. It supports files that are password protected as well. Apart from this, those files which have been damaged can also be viewed with the help of this tool. The same can be recovered, saved and used in the future quite effortlessly. Though there are no editing functions available, users can print any files. The files can be viewed in the ‘full screen’ mode thus making it very easy to go through the content. The Free PPTX Viewer can be used by novice as well as professional users. There is a ‘help’ file should they get stuck at any point in time. It is a very handy tool that is highly recommended.