Free Pie Graph Maker

As the name indicates, the Free Pie Graph Maker lets users create professional looking pie graphs. It is an easy to use tool that has a number of variations when it comes to the output quality and hence, should be considered by all such users who deal with the same. There are a number of attractive features which are a part of this software and which make it popular amongst users across the world. The first and the most significant of all is that it is free of cost. Secondly, it does not come with any malware or adware. It can be downloaded onto any device which runs on Windows OS without any apprehensions with regards to the security of the device. Thirdly, the file size of the app is very small and it takes a few minutes to be downloaded. The user friendly interface enables even a novice user to comprehend the functions. All of them are available in the main menu itself and this saves a lot of time and effort. The Free Pie Graph Maker has an impressive response time. The data which needs to be included in the graph can be labeled very easily. There are a number of colors to choose from. Each part of the pie can be colored in different hues and gradients can also be opted for. There is a preview window on the interface which lets users make the changes to their satisfaction. When all the settings have been made, the graph can be saved and printed for any purposes. It can even be copied to the clipboard and used elsewhere on another app. The Free Pie Graph Maker is indeed a very functional tool that is apt for personal as well as professional usage.