Free Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your mortgage payments using variable property taxes, pmi, interest rates, and loan terms. Get an interest vs. principal payment chart and monthly vs. bi-weekly repayment schedules and savings!

For those who are preparing to purchase or refinance a property, our Mortgage Calculator is a must have tool to evaluate the amounts your property mortgage will cost you over the period of the loan.

It is simple to use with very efficient output speeds, this concise spreadsheet presents mortgage information logically and in a straight forward approach. A powerful and useful feature of the calculator's output information is the comparison of monthly versus bi-weekly payments together with the interest savings that can be obtained between the two payment methods.

The Mortgage Calculator will become your very own customizable Excel spreadsheet. With this home loan calculator, you can easily calibrate the essential mortgage variables: home value, mortgage rate, loan term, property tax and PMI insurance. A mortgage calculator with taxes is an option that is a very appropriate variable which other loan calculators often omit from their results.

The loan calculator's clearly organized information allows you to compare a handful of loan repayment setups with just a few keystrokes. In terms of ease of use, one can easily tweak the numbers within the variables so that you can evaluate the effects of adding years, mortgage rates, property tax and/or insurance. There are many mortgage calculators on the internet, however the Mortgage Calculator does the necessary procedures in a very time efficient manner allowing you to calculate all the information you will need to finance your home.

Simply insert your potential home loan values into the Mortgage Calculator and press calculate, and instantly, the results will appear in a column to the right of the calculator. In the right hand-side column the calculator presents a number of automated information points such as monthly payment amounts required for the loan, total number of payments and their dollar value, interest paid, property tax paid, insurance paid and then succinctly compares this to a bi-weekly schedule of payments, very useful information that is needed to organize your financial life. What's more is this is shown all in one concise screen, no need to make sense of multiple tables or unnecessary information, this is a fantastic calculator to get a quick overview of your property finance obligations.

All you need to do is extract the Mortgage Calculator's download and install it on your computer. To use the Mortgage Calculator, you will need .Net Framework 4.0 or above installed which is easily downloadable from the internet. The software is light and will not interfere with your PC resources. It is presented with plain language, and is extremely simple to use, however it returned the most essential calculations instantly. We just had to insert our own values in each field and click Calculate. The Mortgage Calculator presented everything from our monthly payment to how many payments it would take to pay off our mortgage loan. This is your very own powerful excel mortgage loan calculator template. If you are getting a property loan, Mortgage Calculator is the right home loan calculator for you.

Free Mortgage Calculator