Free Magazine Cover Maker

As the name suggests, the Free Magazine Cover Maker lets users create their own magazine covers. It is an easy to use tool which requires just a few clicks to get some very nice results. Anyone can make the most of the software without any hassles. In fact, someone who is using such technology for the first time will also not come across any hitches. There is no need for any additional requirements. It is a free tool that can be downloaded onto any PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS. The file size is small and does not require much disk space either. It is a powerful tool which works with low to moderate amount of system resources. The Free Magazine Cover Maker has a straight forward interface. The layout is simple with all the functions available in the main menu itself. There is no need to search for any features and functions. Once it is installed, users need to select the picture which has to be included in the cover. The next thing to do is to drop the same in the space provided. The adjustment happens automatically and users do not have to do anything here. The next step would be to add text to the cover. Here, users can decide the space in which this can be positioned. The colour can also be adjusted and the font resized. The Free Magazine Cover Maker has a preview window which helps users make all these changes. When all the adjustments have been made, the cover can be saved and used as required. This is a tool that is 100% free of cost. There are no hidden charges or trial versions. There is an absence of any malware and hence, users should consider this tool.