Free Equation Editor

The Free Equation Editor can prove to very handy for quite some users. This is software that lets them create and edit mathematical equations and hence students, teachers, professors, research scientists, etc, can make the most of the tool. There are several features of this app which make it different from the rest. Firstly, it is absolutely free of cost. It can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS, without paying a penny. The tool can be used as many number of times as possible as there are no trial versions of the same. Secondly, it is very simple to use. Anyone can edit their equations with just a few clicks. The Free Equation Editor comes with a user friendly interface. It is graphical and has all the functions available in the main menu itself. Any of the symbols can be included in the equation just by clicking on them. Thirdly, the download takes very less time as it is very safe. There are no harmful viruses which might affect the device in any way. The small file size is yet another reason for users to consider this software over others. Apart from all the above, there are several variations which can be put to use. Users can use the zoom in and zoom out function, copy and paste the symbols and even export the equations. The Free Equation Editor supports all major image formats such as PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPG, etc. They can even be copied to the clipboard and used on other programs. This comprehensive tool is fast and there are no instances of the device slowing down or crashing. It is a reliable and intuitive piece of software that works well at all times. Hence, it is worth downloading.