Free Comic Book Reader

The comic book archive is one of the most sought after products by people across the world. It contains innumerable choices when it comes to some of the greatest online comic books. However, even if users have downloaded their favorite series from the archive, they would need to have a reader in order to enjoy them at all times. The Free Comic Book Reader is one such tool. As the name suggests, users can open and read the books on a number of platforms using the software. Be it Apple devices, mobile phones, Kindle, etc; the tool supports all of them and that too for free. There are no hidden charges and it is a clean app that does not hamper the speed and performance of the device it is downloaded onto. There are many interesting features which makes reading comics a delightful experience. Users can create their own libraries. This allows them to manage the books better. It is a very fast tool that has no intermittence. The search option ensures that users get to read content of their choice without any wastage in time. The Free Comic Book Reader can zoom in and zoom out the pages, filter the files, add and remove folders from the list and even supports the full screen mode. Though it is a small sized file, it is quite functional and does its job well. Since images are an important part in comics, this freeware is quite flexible as it supports all major formats. Some of these include PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, etc. If users wish to bookmark certain pages, the same can be done with just a few clicks. They can even rotate the pages as per their requirements. The Free Comic Book Reader is ideal for all comic lovers.