Free Cd Maker

Burning CDs has becomes much easier with the Free CD Maker. It is software that lets users create audio, data and image CDs and DVDs in very simple steps. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can comprehend the tool without any glitches. This handy tool is ideal for personal as well as professional purposes. It is free of cost and can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS. There is no need for any additional specifications. The file size of the app is very small and hence, the installation does not take much time. There is an absence of malware and/or adware in the freeware which makes it even better. Once it is installed, users will come across a straight forward interface. The Free CD Maker has a graphical interface which has no complex settings. It is flexible too. A number of audio formats are supported by this app. Some of these are MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, OGG, etc. Therefore, music from different platforms can be brought together into a single CD and enjoyed at all times. The quality of the audio remains intact and there is no loss in this regard. This intuitive tool lets users known how much space is there on a specific CD so that they can choose their files accordingly. If there are any songs which need to be removed, the same can also be done with the Free CD Maker. After selecting the files that need to be burnt as CDs, users can customise the final result. The disc volume, speed with which it is burned, the device, etc, can all be selected before the process begins. The response time of the app is good and there have been no instances of any snag time or crashes.