Free Business Card Maker

=The Free Business Card Maker is a simple software tool that can be used to create various types of cards such as contact cards, business cards, ID cards and so forth. This software tool is designed specifically to create professional badges and business cards in an easy and simple manner. This free tool includes more than 150 editable templates. The program also includes templates of business cards with photos. The installation process of this software tool is extremely simple. The software interface of this program showcases a user friendly design which is easy to comprehend and use. It allows the users to choose the type of card, format, layout and the design. This free software app enables the users to input information such as the address, name of the company, website, telephone number, slogan, e-mail, job title and so forth after the selection of the card. The Free Business Card Maker also includes a built-in gallery which showcases company logos. The program allows the users to customize fonts and colors. It is also possible to add geometrical shapes and text. Users can also adjust the text alignment and hide or show horizontal and vertical lines. Once the business card is designed, the program allows the users to export the business card into an image format. This free software program is also designed to print the business cards in various formats. It can also place the cards neatly and economically on the printing paper. The Free Business Card Maker has an in-built database to store information on companies. This simple database can be used to create business cards easily and quickly. It is also possible to create similar business cards in large numbers with the use of this software tool. The Free Business Card Maker tool is an efficient software device which is fully compatible with Windows 8.