Free Bible Dictionary

Do you ever find it complicated to understand lexical meaning of specific religious words from Bible?. Let this Free Bible Dictionary open the hardest gate for you to understand Bible.

Are you a religious person? Are you interested in reading Bible? Well, no matter you are religious or not, if you are interested in words’ meanings this Free Bible Dictionary from Media Freeware is a great choice for you. It’s a dictionary which holds all Bible words in different groups. A total of three Bibles are included in the app: Hitchcock’s Bible, Easton’s Bible and Smith’s Bible. Dictionaries are sorted by letters and this makes it easy to search a word. If you want to search your own word just type it in the text box which is located at the middle of the screen. The results are grouped and shown at the bottom. Other options can be selected from the drop down list: “All the Men of the Bible”, “All the Women of the Bible” and “Dictionary of Bible Themes”. “All the Men of the Bible” and “All the Women of the Bible” consist of all names of men and women which are mentioned in the bible respectively. The Dictionary of Bible Themes is a study tool you can use with your Bible reading, regardless of the Bible version or translation used. It’s a compilation of themes and topics in the Bible, well organized to make it easy to find the specific subject you’re interested in. The Main features of Free Bible Dictionary are:

  • Dictionary of Bible for three Bibles: Hitchcock's Bible, Easton's Bible and Smith's Bible
  • Dictionary of Bible Themes included for searching specific topics
  • Good user interface and very small amount of RAM used
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows