Cost Of Living Calculator

Being well prepared or having a wise decision before moving from one to another city in United States with Cost of Living Calculator.

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Cost of Living Calculator

Do you move between cities a lot? Are you worried about living costs too much? Well, please install Cost of Living calculator from Media Freeware and let go of your worries. It’s a desktop application for those who are going to move to another city in United States. It gives you very useful information about the cost of living in the target city like Groceries, Health Care, Utilities, Transportation and housing costs. The good feature about this app is that it has a comparative manner which lets you see the differences in costs based on the selected cities located in the United States. The application does all needed calculations and at last shows you result in a percent of source city’s costs. As an example it shows that the costs for Transportation in city X is 25% greater than the city Y which you are moving to. The good thing about comparison is that it is done based on your annual salary which is a good calculation reference. The app is extremely easy to use without any settings and unnecessary information. Just select your city and enter your salary. The main features of Cost of Living Calculator are:

  • Calculation of living costs in the United State cities
  • Comparison is done based on the city and annual salary
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Results are grouped into different fields such as Groceries, Health Care, Utilities, Transportation and Housing costs
  • Compatible with all version of Microsoft Windows
Cost Of Living Calculator